Treading Water

Ethan Buckner

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Treading Water

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Pre-order Ethan Buckner's forthcoming full length album. Singles will start being released in the coming months, with the full LP release date to be announced.

Expected release: September 27, 2024

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The debut record is now available for pre-order.


Treading Water is a meditation on Buckner's struggle with anxiety and embracing a new chapter of adulthood in the context of social, political, and environmental turmoil. The songs weave between moments both intimate and anthemic, exploring struggles that are both deeply personal and unavoidably collective. The 10-track LP layers Buckner’s distinctive fingerpicking style, harmonic melodies, and heartfelt lyrics with production that is both sparkling and spacious. 

The new record includes 10 genre-bending tracks that range from indie/folk, pop, and indie/alt to alt/pop, singer/songwriter and Americana. Featured musicians include producer and multi-instrumentalist Justin Glasco, along with guitarist Brandon Walters (Lord Huron), vocalist and synth/keyboardist Debbie Neigher (Marina, Suki Waterhouse) and Ethan's brother, drummer Matt Buckner (Frost School of Music). 

Much of the new record was written by Ethan while processing personal and collective upheaval; he wrote For You to take stock of his own contribution to fight climate change and leave a "better world behind"; Eyes on the Prize as uprisings for racial justice swept the nation after George Floyd's murder; Coming Back To Me quite literally broke Ethan through a panic attack in fall 2021; Spring, Treading Water, and Wavering came as Ethan struggled with excruciating migraines and vertigo that persisted for months in early 2022; Reality Check as Ethan relapsed a debilitating back injury. The record draws upon Ethan's intimate and poetic lyricism, intricate guitar work and soulful vocals and infuses raw emotion with soaring, anthemic hooks and dark and ephemeral soundscapes.

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